CCI Restyling Accessories

  • Grille Overlays

    ClClick here to see our CCI Grille OverlaysCoast to Coast International CCI Grille Overlays dramatically improves the look of a vehicle by instantly giving the appearance that the front grille has been chromed.  Hassle free installation eliminates the need for drilling, cutting, bolting, or even scraping knuckles.  Our chrome CCI Grille Overlays are constructed of durable ABS plastic and chrome plated for a long lasting shine.

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  • Door Handle Covers

    CCI Door Handle Covers is a quick way to add a touch of chrome for dealers and owners that are looking to customize or upgrade their vehicles appearance or trim level.  All covers are designed and manufactured to overlay the OEM handle to give the appearance and feel of factory chrome.

  • Mirror Covers

    CCI Mirror Covers not only enhances a vehicles appearance, but also makes a statement while doing it.  Some applications have the choice of a full cover, top cover, or even bottom half.  Options may vary.

  • Rear Accent Trim

    CCI Rear Accent Trim accessories include tailgate handle covers, license plate bezel trims, chrome trunk trim.  CCI Rear Accent Trim are available in either high polished quality stainless steel or durable chrome plated ABS plastic.

  • Light Bezels

    CCI Light Bezels add style and functionality to the headlight, tail light, and for some models a third brake light.  This accessory not only provides style but also protection.

  • Pillar Post Covers

    CCI Pillar Post Covers add elegance and style.  In addition, they can cover old and faded pillars that have been beaten up by the elements.  High polished 304-grade stainless steel is the material of choice for this accessory.  CCI Window Sill Trims are also made from stainless steel and provide the same function of a pillar post.

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  • Window Sill Trim

    Coast to Coast International CCI Window Sill Trim are a great aftermarket high polished stainless steel accessory that really upgrades the look of the vehicle.  CCI Window Sill Trims gives a select line of vehicles an option that was once reserved for luxury models.  After finding your CCI Window Sill Trim, take a look at some of our other chrome restyling accessories designed to complement each other.

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    Click the image above to see our Window Sill Trim

  • Gas Door Covers

    CCI Gas Door Covers are one of the easiest chrome accessories to install.  Depending on the application, CCI Gas Door Covers are available in either durable ABS plastic, or high quality polished stainless steel.

  • Fender Trim

    Coast to Coast International CCI Fender Trim is a great aftermarket high polished stainless steel accessory that adds style and protection to the vehicles fender while hiding those unwanted dents and dings.  CCI Fender Trims are manufactured using high polished 304 grade stainless steel.  Each CCI Fender Trim is designed for a specific vehicle.  Installed using either no drill wheel well clips or with supplied screws.  CCI Fender Trims are a great complement to some of our other chrome restyling accessories

  • Side Vents

    Coast to Coast International CCI Side Vents are a subtle way to accentuate the vehicle.  Also known as port holes or fender vents, our side vents allow the automotive enthusiast to choose the exact location for installation.  Constructed of chrome plated ABS plastic.

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